mgalug started in 2003 ...

Middle GA Linux User Group – mgalug.org – was founded in 2003 in an effort to bring Linux to our community. We knew there were numerous LUGs around the globe providing support for Linux and we wanted to be part of it. From our humble beginnings in our first couple of years we gathered over 60 members, most of which have since left the area or just don’t really need the support of a LUG. Those of us that have stuck with it are few, but we’re dedicated to the cause and hold meetings monthly when possible.

Shortly after the email below, Trae, myself and Justin (among others) were discussing creating a LUG on IRC. From that discussion into the wee hours of the night, mgalug.org was created.

Founders: Jeff Hatfield, Trae McCombs, & Justin Churchey

Goal: Provide as much help as humanly possible and promote Linux as our OS of choice!

Original email notice I sent out about MGALUG.org in 2003


From: Jeff [koolaid@myolddomain.net]

Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2003 12:58 AM

To: Ronnie; Eric; Mac

Cc: Work

Subject: MGALUG

I’m starting a Linux User Group (LUG) here in Macon but it can be for WR too. I need some users (newbies too) who want to join. I don’t think we ever need to have a fee, but that could change if we have bricks-n-mortar meetings.

Speaking of meetings, we do need to have a meeting. Online chatting via Yahoo, AIM, MSN would work fine and I think such meetings would definitely save on our personal time.

I’m open for suggestions as to a date/time.

PS: if you know of any other people who might have the slightest interest in moving on to a better OS, send them this email. I have some contacts at Mercer University that expressed interest in this project, but have yet to convince them it’s worthwhile.

Our initial web site is located at http://hotkoolaid.tripod.com/macongalinuxusersgroup