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ytdownloader = Download Video & Audio

If you don't already know this by now, there's a great Open Source tool called ytdownloader.

ytdownloader is a "GKT3 frontend for yt-dlp (the active branch of youtube-dl) with focus on best audio and video. Uses ffmpeg for joining audio & video."

This tool is based on youtube-dl and will enable downloading videos (or just the audio) from various sites. Sure it's has youtube in the name, but it does loads more. Check the developer's ytdownloader github page here.

Here's a command alias I use to grab videos at a certain resolution along with their description.

alias ytd='yt-dlp -ciw -S res:1080,ext:mp4:m4a -S vcodec:avc1 --write-thumbnail --convert-thumbnails png -o "%

Just add the alias listed below to your ~/.bashrc, ~/.bash_aliases, or ~/.zshrc and either logout or source the file after writing it to use it immediately.

Source the file you ask?

Sure you can use a search engine for that, but here you go.

Open the terminal

Type "source ~/.bashrc"

Press Enter

Then use your new alias

Try it now!


And there you go - look at the directory listing for the files:

20140704 - How to use aliases in BASH [J8nGqkUJMxU].mp4

20140704 - How to use aliases in BASH [J8nGqkUJMxU].description

And if you don't like command line tutorials, why are you using Linux? Seriously?

Alas, there is a GUI front-end for yt-dlp called ytdownloader.

Grab from the ArchLinux AUR on Arch Linux based distributions with:

yay -S ytdownloader

paru -S ytdownloader



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