2004-6-3 - Mandrake 10.0

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I have installed/upgraded from Community to Mandrake 10 Official on all my systems and must say the new kernel (2.6.3-13) is fantastic! It really performs much better than 2.4.x. I've had not a lick of trouble, even on my Athlon 3000+ screamer! If you decide Mandrake is right for you, make sure you install the latest security, bug and general updates - especially if you have newer hardware.

As for updating, make sure you add these 2 sites to your URPMI sources. They each have custom RPM packages. The sites are: PLF and Chip Cuccio's packages at NORLUG.org Also make sure you get the latest Java VM and Macromedia Flash (currently version 7 is out - see my other posting).

Have Fun!! If you have any problems, drop by mgalug.org and ask for some help. I'll be more than happy to add my 2 cents. For more help, make sure you search/post your question on linuxquestions.org

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Now that I have my new Motherboard from newegg.com, I can finally migrate the last of my systems to Mandrake 10 Official Download edition. And in case you wonder, upgrading is not a really good option with this distro. The difference between Community and Official is that Commercial = beta or theta level of the production state, while Official is complete and released for sale.

Here's some info on Community version.

Original post date: Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Now back to Mandrake --- yes 10.0 Community is Great! I have installed this several places, though not on my main box....

Discovered this one little tick that was quickly resolved after a little Googling.

With a few hints from Linuxforums.org... and the MandrakeUsers Forum - AUDIGY LIVES!

If you have upgraded as I did from 9.2, make sure you uninstall XMMS

Install alsa-utils (easy way is urpmi alsa-utils from a shell)

Run and check if the mixer levels are set to zero... if so, change.

Reinstall XMMS (urpmi xmms and then xmms- for extras if needed)

Open xmms

Change Preferences to ALSA mixer.

.... at this point I choose a song / CD and get it playing....

if it crashes something is wrong with XMMS setup.

Open Kmix (Alt+F2 and type kmix)

Right-click on the speaker icon in the tray

Choose Configure kmix.

Check the Advanced tab

UNCHECK / turn off the Audigy Analog option below the Sound Blaster Audigy slider.

Did it work? Mine is fine now and sounds much better than 9.2 - thanks to the Audigy modules and ALSA!

nomasteryoda out

(I've included below a PDF archive from July 16, 2008 cached copy)